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Collection Tips for Subcontractors

Collecting as a Subcontractor: Tips You Need to Know

One of the most common types of collection matters our firm sees is subcontractors who aren’t getting paid on a job. If you work as a sub, knowing who you can collect from, what collection tools are available to you, and taking care to reduce disputes can make a big difference in your bottom line.

Collecting from General Contractor

1) Get it in writing. If you are hired by general contractor to work on a project, you need to have a written agreement for your services […]

Small Claims Court Limit Raised

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Up to $15,000 in most cases

Conciliation court, also called “Small Claims” court, can be an inexpensive and simple way to convert collectibles into judgments.  Beginning August 1st, conciliation plaintiffs will be able to claim up to $15,000 in most cases.   For plaintiffs in consumer credit matters, the maximum claim will remain at $4,000.00.  See Minnesota Statutes § 491A.01, subd. 3a.

Conciliation court is a less expensive and less formal type of court in which parties generally appear without an attorney.  Individuals are allowed to represent […]

What happens when a small business owner dies or gets divorced?

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A client recently asked, what happens to small businesses upon the death or divorce of an owner?  What documents should be in place prior to those events to smooth an ownership transition?  These questions can have many different answers depending on the facts of a specific situation, but here’s a general overview of the process, consequences, and ways to control ownership of a business if a death or divorce occurs:

 What happens to a small business if an owner dies?

The answer depends on the type of business.  If the business is a sole proprietorship […]