2014 August

Collection Tips for Subcontractors

Collecting as a Subcontractor: Tips You Need to Know

One of the most common types of collection matters our firm sees is subcontractors who aren’t getting paid on a job. If you work as a sub, knowing who you can collect from, what collection tools are available to you, and taking care to reduce disputes can make a big difference in your bottom line.

Collecting from General Contractor

1) Get it in writing. If you are hired by general contractor to work on a project, you need to have a written agreement for your services […]

When Wages Are Public

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Workers Have the Right to Reveal Wages

Minnesota employees now have a legal right to share and discuss their wages. A new law bars employers from requiring workers to sign wage nondisclosure agreements or punishing them for discussing their wages. The law, codified as Minn. Stat. § 181.172, was passed as part of a bill aimed at increasing gender equity, but it applies to all employees. While many workers will prefer to keep their pay to themselves, employers can no longer expect or require a veil of silence when it comes to wages.

Companies with handbooks should also […]

Medical Marijuana and Workplace Safety

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Drug Testing in the workplace

This spring, Minnesota became the 22nd state in the union to allow residents to use marijuana for medical treatment. The state has also joined a smaller handful of others in banning discrimination against workers who use medical marijuana. Whether or not you support legalizing medical marijuana, this law is certain to pose challenges for companies that require workers to undergo drug testing.

If your business mandates employee drug tests, now is the time to review your policies and ensure that they comply with both Minnesota and federal drug laws—a fine line to […]

The Rise of the Minimum Wage

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For the first time in nearly a decade, the Minnesota minimum wage in on the rise. I wrote a rundown of the changes when the increase became law in April. That article is reprinted below.

Minimum wage is on the rise

It’s official.  Come August, the Minnesota minimum wage is going up.  This week, Governor Mark Dayton signed an increase to the minimum wage into law.  It will rise to $8 per hour in August, and by 2016 it will reach $9.50.  The new law also pegs the minimum wage to inflation, so it will regularly […]